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The Nariana picture at the airport was taken the day after she won idk what.. An AMA or Grammy I don't remember :)

Thank you!!! Still had now idea!

And I don’t know how old your message is, but tumblr hid it form me :)

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Nathan talks about getting stopped at the Seattle airport for wearing Family Guy PJs (x)

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Look at our little Nath!!!! 

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"A bond between someone can be  separated, but it can never be broken."

some things never change 


The Wanted; laughs


The first and the last one…


The first and the last one…

you can’t remember how it used to be

But to you guys, we are faithful,
We’ve fallen so hard that it’s painful
When it hurts I know the feelings are real.
I’ll let nothing in the middle
Nothing in the middle
Of me and you, of me and you
Nothing in the middle, in the middle of us.
I love the way we fight and stay up all night
And the way you look in the morning light
We’ll let nothing in the middle, in the middle of us.

This. This is not the end. We are a family, a family that fights, a family that cries, a family that laughs, a family that supports, a family that cares, that listens, that stands up for each other, that hugs, that loves, and sometimes slaps (metaphorically yea), if you don’t call this a family so what is? all this we’ve done together and we will continue, because we are fighters. Nothing has been easy for us, nothing came easy for us, we fall, we fight and we rise yes it’s hard, yet we certainly won’t give up. We are a family, and we are here and we’re never gonna leave no matter what the end hides. we tease, we argue, we love and most of all we’re here for each other, this is a family to me. When I was young I read stories where princes won as I grew up, I thought the stories were wrong, because now we see that fighters are, we believe in you, you stayed strong, and you still are. We, we won so many things, the rewards? are not an insipid ones like awards, moreover we won a family. Guys, we’ve only just begun! this isn’t a goodbye, not at all, for us? this is an opened door, that just waits for us to enter. You, yes, you, those idiots who said "We’re not deserve this" you are right. you deserve much more than this, and We? yes, we want to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to be one of you, thank you for being there for us when nobody else was, thank you for being our friends practically like big or young brothers, thank you, we are proud of you. until the next time? Stay young at heart.

P.s: Something a smart man said, from the hit of “suck my balls you cock” we’re proud to introduce you Thomas Parker, “A bond Between
Someone Can Be Separated, But It Can Never Be Broken”.